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    David Wood / CPA  / CVA and MFFA (Emeritus)

"The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing."
    - Oscar Wilde
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Litigation support of your case with a business
valuation expert witness can be the most important
economic argument for your client. Using an expert
that can present clearly and convincingly an opinion
of value increases your value to your client. This has
become especially important in the era of "Frye" and
"Daubert" challenges of expert witnesses.

Not an Attorney?  

I work with many clients on matters not involved in
litigation.  Valuations can be an integral part of
planning your estate, the succession of your
business, selling your business or buying another,
and other complex financial matters.
    David published numerous
    valuation articles, served as
    Chairman of The Value Examiner,
    and presented at numerous
    professional conferences on MUM.
    I worked as advisor and editor on
    the Business Valuation Resources'
    Guide to Enterprise and Personal
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    David served as a
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