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"The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing."
    - Oscar Wilde
SSShhhh... MUM's the Word(TM).

Actually, it is MUM's the Word (and Excel, too).  MUM stands for Multiattribute Utility
Model.  This is a practical model that I developed to assist valuation analysts separate
total goodwill into personal and enterprise goodwill.  The model was first used by me in
a family law case in Saline County Illinois in 2003.  The model was the subject of an
appeal to the Illinois 5th District and was upheld as admissible.

The Appellate decision may be found by clinking the link below.

Alexander IL 5th Appellate Decision

After MUM was upheld in the Alexander case, I developed the model into a commercial
product that is used by valuation analysts throughout the country.  The MUM model is
available for purchase from ValuSource Software by clicking the link below.  

MUM at ValuSource Software

If you purchase MUM, be sure to check out this errata.

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