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    David Wood / CPA / ABV / CVA / CFFA

"The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing."
    - Oscar Wilde
If you are a CPA or business owner, or anyone that needs
a valuation or forensic investigation, you may call me
direct.  You do not need a referral for an initial consultation.

We will schedule an initial meeting.  At this meeting, I
explain types of engagements, the valuation process, my
fees, and what to expect during the valuation process.

We will discuss your need for valuation and how my
services can help you attain your goals.
You will receive a client service agreement that outlines
the terms of the work to be performed.  We will go over the
agreement and discuss any of your questions or concerns.

A retainer is typically required to begin the valuation.  The
size of the retainer is dependent upon the type of  
business, the reasons for the valuation, and other factors.

I look forward to discussing your financial matter in a
confidential conference.
Valuation or Forensic Investigation
Wood Forensic / Valuation Services    David Wood / CPA/ ABV / CVA / CFFA
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